Somnus Mattresses

Somnus Winter Bed Sale

The luxury hand made mattresses from Somnus each have a unique natural fillings blend and the most advanced spring system in the world – Sensa iP intelligent Pocket Spring System.

Supremacy Mattress Cutaway

All borders are hand sewn or stitched and are finished in the finest Belgian damask with a choice of either regular support or firmer support – comfort just right for you.

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Somnus Viscount Mattress

Somnus Viscount 16,000 Mattress

The deeply sumptuous Viscount mattress is generously layered with natural upholstery fillings combined to create the unique ‘Superior Blend’.

Sovereign Mattress

Somnus Sovereign 14,000 Mattress

The Sovereign special edition mattress, incorporates individual wool qualities, carefully selected and hand teased to offer greater levels of sumptuous support and exquisite comfort.

Somnus Marquis Mattress

Somnus Marquis 12,000 Mattress

The Marquis matteress provides total support, beautifully handmade by the experienced team of Somnus master craftsmen.

Somnus Regent Mattress

Somnus Regent 5,000 Mattress

The perfect combination of soft, springily and supportive natural upholstery ensures the Regent mattress provides a luxurious sleep surface, achieved by incorporating the unique ‘Comfort Blend’ of upholstery fillings.

Somnus Viceroy Mattress

Somnus Viceroy 3,000 Mattress

The Somnus Viceroy evenly distributes the sleeps’ weight across the quality mattress surface, to give excellent support.